Dont Make This Mistake If You Are Selling Your Home FSBO

Dated: 07/23/2018

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Wow!  Don't Make this fatal mistake if you are selling your home FSBO or For Sale By Owner!   In my recent book, The Ultimate In Your Face SoldByOwner  Guide to Sell Your Home, I discuss many of the mistakes that do it yourselfers make and provide some tips to avoid them.

I was reaching out to some FSBO sellers this morning as is one of my customary ways to serve in our community.  So many FSBO's make so many mistakes and I want to save them a lot of heart ache in selling their houses.  It hit me today that a HUGE mistake these sellers are making is in the obvious.  Before I tell you the mistake, I want to share a story that will prime the mistake.  You may pick up on the mistake right away.

First of all, if someone is genuinely trying to help you, do you push people away?  At lunch today, I shared some of my recent challenges with a friend.  His advice to me was very profound and offered me a perspective I had not seen before.  He was a bit uncomfortable offering the advice, but as a good friend, he gave the advice.  Even though it was uncomfortable to hear, I was grateful.  That's the value of friendship.

Now, here is where a lot of FSBO seller's make this mistake.  We live in a world of providing value to one another.  By nature, real estate brokers are in the business of knowing the real estate market and then marketing the available home inventory to potential buyers in the market.  Over 90% of buyers use a real estate broker to help them find their new home and facilitate the transaction.  Don't believe me, check the stats at the National Association of Realtors.

By nature, the majority of FSBO sellers we talk with are anti-real estate broker for various reasons.  They want to keep more money from the transaction.  They don't see the value real estate professionals bring to the transaction (rightfully so unfortunately as there are several agents who can up their game of service to clients).  Whatever the reason a person has chosen to sell on their own, these sellers (as a general rule) do not cooperate with the real estate community.

Today, as I was calling to serve this underserved community of sellers, I asked if I could preview the home to familiarize myself with the market.  Yes, even FSBO listings are part of the real estate market.  Tell me what you think about these responses.  Each one told me they would pay a commission to a buyer's broker.  That's positive as none of us wants to work for free right?

First response:  "No, tenant occupied, need advance notice.  Let me know when you have a buyer."  Not bad.  Not rude, he is protecting his tenant rights.  This is understandable.

Second response: "No, just bring a buyer, then make app.  I don't need sellet (not my typo) realtor."  

To all of my FSBO sellers out there, let's consider that 90% of all transactions are sold through the broker community.  The Biggest mistake FSBO sellers make is that they are not just uncooperative with the broker community, but they can be hostile.  If you are trying to sell your home, does it not make sense to get as many eyes on your home as possible to bring you a buyer?  The goal is to sell the home right?  Shutting down the home sales force in your town is a poor strategy.  

The last thing I want to do is "Bring a Buyer" to a hostile seller.  Buyers typically do not trust sellers.  They certainly won't trust a one sided seller.  

I have all kinds of resources that I provide for FSBO sellers FREE of charge to help sell their homes.  Unfortunately, many home sellers will never gain access to them due to standing in their own way of their own goal.  

If you would like a FREE copy of my book, The Ultimate In Your Face SoldByOwner Guide to Selling Your Home, please send me a private message at [email protected] and I'll be happy to send you an absolutely FREE copy today.

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