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Dated: 07/19/2018

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I've been working in and around real estate for 20 years now.  2 decades!  What?  Wow!  I started my career in banking where I handled a lot of home equity loans and worked with people to utilize the equity in their homes for debt consolidation, start businesses, buy other homes, and invest for their futures.  Then I moved into mortgage financing and started helping people acquire homes or refinance their existing home loans.  

While handling the financing aspect of homes, I met a lot of great people, Realtors (r), real estate investors and many business owners around town.  The more I was around it, I wanted in.  But how?  I didn't have the money to make the shift.  I saw the advantages to real estate as long term investments, but I seriously lacked the knowledge on how.  I am asked constantly how I got my start.  As if others are going to ever be able to duplicate my path.  In the same way I can't duplicate other people's path to real estate.  We all have a different story.

What I have learned though is that there are some duplicatable steps anyone can take to get started in real estate.  

  1. Define what you want from real estate.  I have several goals in my real estate career.  Notes, flips, flops, buy, sell, hold, rent, sandwich leases, multi-family, commercial, TC, property management, mentoring, coaching, and even best selling author and speaker on the subject.  What do you want?

  2. Get educated.  You may ask how?  There aren't exactly college courses on real estate that translate into building for the future.  There are numerous books, blogs, youtbe videos, clubs, seminars, conferences, and so many other ways to learn.  You must learn if you're going to do anything.

  3. Make a plan.  Focus in on what YOU want to do through an actionable plan.  How will you reach your goals?

  4. Work the Plan.  No action?  No results!  This is true in every area of your life.

In 2016, I was on my way to working my plan.  I had been flipping houses and also selling houses for others as a Realtor (r).   Then I started to get into flip/notes which was fun.  But I got distracted with following an old dream.  An opportunity presented itself for some ministry training.  I shut down my practice, liquidated our stuff, and then moved to California.  This year, we moved back to Albuquerque to start a new church.  My plan included building the church and slowly rebuilding my real estate portfolio.  Shortly into our new church plant, a different plan was presented leaving us out of a church job.  

Here I am in mid 2018, two years after our best years ever, starting over.  This time around, my wife is getting more active in helping me build our business.  One thing I've learned is that plans change and things don't always go exactly according to the plan.  That's ok.  This is where we dig in and go for it.  We have one life to live.  

During this life, we are given the task of working and enjoying our work.  We're called into the service of others.  We're called to always honor God in our efforts while calling others to do the same.  

As I reestablish our real estate business, I am more secure in our direction and what we have to offer our clients.  Over the coming days and weeks, I'll post our progress.  I hope we can help many of our readers with their home buying or selling goals.  I want to make a real difference in the lives of our fellow community members.  I hope our clients will see a difference in our service as well.

Here's to the Come Back!  Keep following! 

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